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You are to be Holy, because I am Holy. 1 Peter 1:16 WNT  
Grace Mennonite Fellowship
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Listed below are some of the recent sermons preached at Grace Mennonite Fellowship.  
This page will be updated as new sermons become available. Check back often!
Click on the sermon title and click “Open” to stream, or click “Save File” to download. 2017 December 2017 12/31/2017 The Goodness of God Gabriel Beachy 12/24/2017 When Christ is King Clayton Weaver 12/17/2017 Where is Your Heart? Ray Yoder 12/10/2017 Salt Paul Beachy 12/03/2017 The Book of Galatians Nathan Lapp October 2017 10/29/2017 The Little Man Meets Jesus Nathan Lapp 10/22/2017 20th Anniversary GMF 10/15/2017 The Mind of Christ Gabriel Beachy 10/08/2017 Overcoming Giants Nathan Lapp September 2017 09/24/2017 Examine Yourself in the Faith Paul Beachy 09/17/2017 Laborers Together with God Clayton Weaver 09/10/2017 New Testament Church Building Ray Yoder 09/03/2017 How We Ought to Behave Paul Beachy August 2017 08/27/2017 God’s View of the Church Lee Nisly 08/20/2017 God is Bigger than Your Red Sea Maurice Graber 08/13/2017 Worship that Glorifies God Nathan Lapp 08/06/2017 Forgiveness Alvin Otto July 2017 07/30/2017 The Power of Feeble Faith Gabriel Beachy 07/23/2017 Loving God Ray Yoder 07/16/2017 The Church of Christ Clayton Weaver 07/09/2017 Sowing and Reaping Paul Beachy 07/02/2017 Rescued from the Junk Pile Maurice Graber June 2017 06/11/2017 Values Paul Beachy 06/04/2017 Baptism Clayton Weaver May 2017 05/28/2017 The Prayer of Faith Ray Yoder 05/25/2017 Created Heavens Part 2 Morris Yoder 05/25/2017 Created Heavens Part 1 Morris Yoder 05/14/2017 Passion for the Church Part 2 Elmer Smucker 05/14/2017 Passion for the Church Part 1 Elmer Smucker 05/13/2017 Passion for Christ Part 2 Elmer Smucker 05/12/2017 Passion for Christ Part 1 Elmer Smucker 05/12/2017 School Program Part 3 05/12/2017 School Program Part 2 05/12/2017 School Program Part 1 05/07/2017 God Meets Man’s Need Gabriel Beachy April 2017 04/30/2017 A Man’s Life Paul Beachy 04/23/2017 Repentance - 6th Article Clayton Weaver 04/16/2017 The Power of the Blood (Communion Service) Paul Beachy 04/09/2017 Personal Inspection Time Ray Yoder 04/02/2017 How the New Birth is Experienced Nathan Lapp March 2017 03/26/2017 Button Pushers James Peight 03/19/2017 Relationships Paul Beachy 03/12/2017 Expressions From the Heart Ray Yoder 03/05/2017 The Function of the Church Dan Byler February 2017 02/26/2017 Why do We Need the New Birth? Nathan Lapp 02/19/2017 The Law of Christ (Gospel) Clayton Weaver 02/12/2017 The Deceitfulness of Wealth Ray Yoder 02/05/2017 The New Birth, What is it? Nathan Lapp January 2017 01/29/2017 The Coming of Christ and His Gospel Clayton Weaver 01/22/2017 Spiritual Eyesight Paul Beachy 01/15/2017 The Nature of the Spirit of the Age Ray Yoder 01/01/2017 What Do You Fear? Linford Bender 2016 December 2016 12/25/2016 A King is Born Cletus Graber 12/18/2016 The Fall of Man and Restoration Clayton Weaver 12/11/2016 Let Brotherly Love Continue Dan Miller 12/04/2016 And Ye shall Know that I am the Lord Paul Beachy November 2016 11/27/2016 Glorify God with the Voice of Thanksgiving Nathan Lapp 11/20/2016 The Sin of an Independent Spirit Ray Yoder 11/13/2016 God is Clayton Weaver 11/06/2016 pm Abide in Christ and Impact your World Marvin Kauffman 11/06/2016 am Reflecting the Beauty of Holiness Marvin Kauffman 11/05/2016 Who am I as a Church Member? Marvin Kauffman 11/04/2016 Who are We and Why are We Different? Marvin Kauffman 11/03/2016 Who are We as Anabaptists? Marvin Kauffman 11/02/2016 Who are We in Christ? Marvin Kauffman